Information Technology Center




      Mamadiyev Dilshod 

      Engineer-programmer 1 category

     Тel: +998(90) 266-36-00










      Ibragimova Dildora 

      System Administrator

      Tel.: +998(91) 906-99-66









     Norboyev Ulug'bek 

     Network administrator

     Тel.: +998(93) 634-23-95









      Abdullayeva Xosiyat 

      Engineer-programmer 1 category

     Тel: +998(99) 426-89-37









          Mallayev Narzulla

          Network administrator

          Тel.: +998(94) 515-05-07






The main tasks of the Center:

Termez branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy. Creation and continuous development of information and communication technology infrastructure.

Improving efficiency through the introduction of information and communication technologies in the educational process, research activities and management in the Termez branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy.

Professors, teachers, staff, students are engaged in improving computer literacy.

Creation and development of local and Internet networks.

The official website of the Termez branch of the Tashkent Medical Academy, an information portal, e-learning portals, the creation and continuous improvement of thematic sites, as well as e-learning resources, teaching aids, books and their electronic versions, implantation of ICT in creating texts and presentation projects.

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