Planning and finance department.


Rakhmankulov Murod Khushbakovich

Head of Planning and Finance

phone: +998(93) 794-44-36



About the activities of the department: 

The planning and finance department is a subdivision of the Tashkent Medical Academy. The duties of the department include the development of future and current plans, forecasting the costs of maintaining the TMA Termez branch units, determining the need for financing the medical academy Termez branch  from various sources (state budget, extrabudgetary activities, revenues from research and development, etc.). activities, analyzes the financial and economic activities of the TMA Termez branch , participates in the preparation of promising projects and annual plans for admission of students. Carries out control over the correctness of the assignment of the scholarship, participates in the development of provisions on scholarships, internal regulations, the Charter of the TMA Termez branch, etc.

The main functions of the department:

- compiles and monitors staffing;

-develops a forecast of income and expenses, makes and monitors estimates of expenses and incomes;

-conducts a comprehensive economic analysis of all activities of the Termez TMA branch;

- keeps statistics on all economic indicators of the work of Termez branch of TMA, prepares periodic reporting in a timely manner and systematization of statistical materials;

-preparation for the new academic year of the regulatory framework for the remuneration of faculty, teaching and support staff, households. staff and administrative staff. (tariffing);

-adjustment of staffing taking into account changes in the regulatory framework.

- accounting sources of financing.

- drawing up estimates of planned expenses and revenues from budget and extra-budgetary financing;

-adjustment of expenses and income estimates after approval of limits on budget financing of the Termez branch TMA  by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

-control over the execution of funds for remuneration for budget financing and extrabudgetary by categories of employees and divisions;

-analysis of cost estimates and payroll by quarter;

-establishment of salaries for admission to the work of teaching staff, ADH and DPS;

- Checking the time sheets throughout the Termez branch of TMA.

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